The result!

Thank you.

To everyone who shared our message, donated, came to an ask Abi event, put up a board, put up a poster, wore a t-shirt and most importantly voted. 

Although I wasn’t elected this time, we have spread a message that we must change parliament and put people before party. We have already made an impact in cross party collaboration and breaking down toxic political behaviours.

Continue to work for what you believe in and we will see the improvement we need.

Abi and the campaign team

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
Albert Einstein
“Fed up with all the main parties”.
Shepton Mallet

A message of hope

Your vote is controlled through fear that you need to get a party out. 

I love Abi McGuire's message, powerful leadership with clarity and integrity is like a drink of refreshing spring water that we all need right now.
Shepton Mallet

Our campaign video

While the parties fight, they don’t do anything else. Your vote holds power.

Party political agendas are corrupting our nation and preventing us from combatting the real issues we face

For the past 100 years, our constituency has been led by a select few politicians who drive forward their party agenda. We do not have to be represented in this way. It can be different.

I believe we have all we need to resolve our own issues, but we currently do not know who to trust or what to do. We need to be brave and challenge the status quo, exposing the system that is divisive and does not work.

Since 2019 I have led significant change as an independent town councillor for Shepton Mallet, where we have worked collaboratively to remove party politics and concentrate on working together to get things done.

What people are saying...

"I love what you stand for and just well done for getting out there knocking on doors and doing all you are doing"
"A refreshing change from the usual suspects"
"I think it's DEFINITELY time for change at the next election, and I wanted you to know that your indefatigable door-knocking has paid off, at least at this household - when the times comes, my X is going in your box!"
"We can elect a competent MP that is not the same old tired bunch that we are lumbered with"
"Heard about you from friends. I would love an alternative to vote for"
"I am genuinely interested in finding someone I can get behind. Although generally I have been a Conservative voter, I decided some time ago that there is no way my conscience will allow me to continue to vote for them after the unparalleled disaster of the past few years"
Doors knocked
Parish Councils